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6 de Outubro de 2012
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Cristiano de Aguiar
O texto 'The conscience’s manifest' é de propriedade de Cristiano de Aguiar e não pode ser reproduzido sem aviso prévio do autor.

The conscience’s manifest



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  • Eduardo Luiz

    comentou em 06/10/2012 16:03:04:
    This text don’t will receive full note because him isnt fully original. But is a great journey inside our soul looking for the freedom and ‘first feeling of human’. We may look in highest levels to recognize the truth behind the ‘conscience’. Maybe we can say this thought turns a circle in your own theory, nevertheless, independent of truth, the human have search the balance to live. Altogether, the prosa is a innocent paralelism above the real world. But, who cares when everything who is impossible is becoming possible in the eyes false?

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